Why We Fight

The Issue

It is clearer than ever that the Politicians cannot blindly rely on tax bills and legislation that they either do not read before passing or do not understand. As a PAC founded and ran by CPAs, we work to fix the tax Code one initiative at a time.

It is up to the people to get organized and find a voice to create a tax system for them. Ever increasingly, special interests and large multi-national corporations are getting everything they ask for at the expense of taxpayers and small to medium sized companies.

How Do We Fix It?

We work to fix the Tax Code one initiative at a time.  We work to make technical issues known to the Department of the Treasury, House Ways & Means Tax Committee, and to the United States Congress.

We work through grass roots efforts to spread the word of our initiatives. We employ Social Media, Advertising, and garner support from voters, the financial services community, and the foundations and beneficiaries of these tax code changes. The only special interest is building and/or supporting lasting programs and infrastructure that benefit our Main Street USA communities.

Your Part

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