Tax Reform PAC (Super PAC)

Voter Centric Advocacy

We fight for tax reform that is fair to all through grassroots and advocacy. The PAC was founded and is run by CPAs looking for responsible changes to fix the US Tax Code that promote programs that benefit our nation's communities.

Statement of Values

We aim to repair a broken tax system, one initiative at a time. These fixes help to encourage investment in our nation's small businesses and communities. We believe that supporting small businesses, charities, foundations, and community service organizations lead to the advancement and mobilization of Main Street cities in America. These changes support the efficient allocation of resources to the local level and away from special interests in Washington, D.C.

We believe in the building and rebuilding of out nation's infrastructure and social programs. We exist to fix the tax code to support these initiatives.

The Movement

We empower the otherwise politically disconnected hard working American Taxpayers in our local communities to have a voice in shaping their towns and cities.

Our country has a deteriorating infrastructure and failing entitlement programs. Bringing resources and leadership to the local level is the path to success for our communities. 

Our inner cities and urban areas need these infrastructure investments in order to provide for a healthy and happy quality of life in the United States.

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